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How Cash Advance Payday Loans Works

By the same standard credit cards and other forms of credit are no better.

All credit companies are in it to make money, and if you think that any loan or creditor is really in it to help you then you are sadly mistaken.

Credit cards companies charge large fees for cash advance also, so let’s say that $100 taken from a credit card and the person pays the minimum each month as requested by the card company.

They are now paying $15 a month for almost a year to pay it off, which means that they have now paid over $150 for the same $100 that would have cost them only $115 with a cash advance.

If I had the choice to get a cash advance for $100 or a credit card cash advance, I would take the cash advance and pay the $15 rather than paying over $50 from a credit card company.

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